Hearts in Action

Hearts in action was started some years ago when both Pam and I took some people across to Mombasa in East Africa. On this occasion our aim was to assist the pastors in the North of the city with outdoor crusades, our secondary objective was to arrange and visit local schools where the pastors have input. We took with us some rather large puppets to  illustrate bible stories and talk to them about Jesus.

Hearts in action is part of the organisation that allows us to do things all around the world at a level that particularly meet children, but for those that have visited any 3rd World counties children come in many ages between 0 and 90 years of age.
Why don’t you visit. Our picture diary………

Wish List in no particular order……

Purchase P A Equipment and place in various location around the world to preach the gospel.

Buy pastors some kind of mode of transport to travel locally to teach and preach and teach.

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