Over the last decade we have completed various project. Below is some details about these as as well as future plans.


Assisted a local pastor to be able to put a roof and some walling on the church to protect them by purchasing local galvanised sheets and then using local labour to put them on. This project is not completed yet, but as funds come in a little more can be done. The same pastor we help in other ways see our Ministry Page.


Whilst working with another charity we were able to purchase P A Equipment from donations, these were stored in a large carrying box and together with computers donated by the South Wales Police were sent out to a pastor called Daniel Although the computers are gone the P A System is still being used in various capacities within the community.

Uganda & Kanyumo

Over several years we have manage to raise funds from various sources this has helped us whilst working with another charity to build a school along with mud hut house structures, a church building. We have also attempted to dig three wells within the school boundaries but unfortunately they have hit rock and had to be abandoned. Along side these with private donations bought animals such as cows, goats and chickens.

The way it works:- In African culture when people discide to keep live stock they will usually buy cows, goats or chickens, this is because, if the cow gets sick they will sell the goat to pay the vet fees, if the goat gets sick they will do the same, but if the chicken gets sick it dies.

Mercy School Kidongoly Bukedea District

Ph# 1. Finish walls, put roof on £400 – in all cases we will purchase materials they will sort out labour.

Ph#2. Render walls x 2 buildings £250 (gave money to complete)

Ph#3. Bring people in if we can to paint x 2 buildings

Ph#4 Build 3rd classroom, complete as above when we can raise money. £1200
after thought from Charles, children play things, swings etc;

Promised 1&2. Maybe 3. Hope so 4.

Chairman suggested small business for teachers to support themselves.

In the future it would be good to develop this project further, they have already be promised more land as the projects grows. I asked Martin the Chairman on the governments district council if he could give them more land to grow crops to support the teachers. We did not plan to send £ to do this it was for them to do. They want dormitories on site, I think they want these for to board children at the school, I do not think they have more than one orphan.

We have completed phase#1 of this project

IDP Camp

In 2007 I had the opportunity to visit an International Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp in north of Uganda in a town called Obalanga. this to say the least was a very humbling experience, myself and a couple of African brothers made a trip, In what was a dangerous situation, we had to do this in one day as things had not quite settled down there yet. At that time there were about sixty thousand people displaced and living in the area, although we did not see many as they had gone to the fields to tend their crops, one of first observations was how could this land feed all these people, the simple answer was, it could not. We were told many stories of the atrocities that had happened of which this is not a suitable place to tell their tales, and even today there are still those who disappeared, men, women and children and have not been seen again.

We were shown around the area and into this building not realizing that it was a hospital and a maternity ward without any equipment. As I went though room after room there was nothing until I came to a small room with a girl sitting on the floor with a baby that was hours old wrapped in a blanket (see picture) my heart dropped and tears rose up, with tears in eyes I went into the next room which was designated as the delivery to see that they had nothing, as I found out later what little they did have was taken in the raids. I stood for quite a while saying to God what can we do and felt Him say whatever you can. I promised then I would go back and help them.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

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